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Your VERO Electronic
Cigarette Starter Kit
1 Solid State Battery. Battery Life for a normal
smoker is 9-10 Hours without charge
Contains two cartridges
Each Cartridge = 2 packs of cigarettes
Smoke & Odor Free
1 USB Charger. Recharges
battery to a full charge
FREE 5 Cartridge Supply
Equals a full carton (10 packs) of real cigarettes
VERO Electronic Cigarettes come in five flavors that closely resemble the most popular tobacco brands. We've spent four years and worked with 25,000 smokers to refine the taste, throat-hit, and nicotine delivery of real cigarettes.

Most electronic cigarette cartridges are equal to just ONE pack of cigarettes – but each standard VERO magnum cartridge is equal to TWO packs of cigarettes, further increasing our value to you.

Now you can enjoy the sensation of a real cigarette without the smoke or ash.
Why VERO is your best option:
  • Each cartridge is equivalent to TWO packs of cigarettes (most E-cigs are equal to one)
  • VERO is the affordable E-Cig with the authentic flavor
  • Long lasting lithium ion battery
  • Easy-to-charge using a USB port
  • Four years of research from 25,000 smokers to refine the most accurate tobacco flavors
  • No second-hand smoke. Only odorless water vapor
  • Real smoking satisfaction
  • Equivalent to $1.50 or less to a pack of tobacco cigarettes