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About VERO

The VERO Electronic Cigarette is the result of our pursuit to create, with input from over 25,000 smokers, a “smoking” experience that just was not available from other electronic cigarette brands.

Our proprietary blend of flavors, spices, types of glycols (which create our vapors) and levels of nicotine have created the first electronic cigarette smokers are buying to comfortably transition away from tobacco cigarettes.

If you have tried other electronic cigarette brands and were not satisfied, then it’s time to try VERO. VERO offers the full flavor of a tobacco cigarette with a level of nicotine that will satisfy.


VERO Electronic Cigarettes BBB Business Review

Why VERO is your best option:
  • Each cartridge is equivalent to TWO packs of cigarettes (most E-cigs are equal to one)
  • VERO is the affordable E-Cig with the authentic flavor
  • Long lasting lithium ion battery
  • Easy-to-charge using a USB port
  • Four years of research from 25,000 smokers to refine the most accurate tobacco flavors
  • No second-hand smoke. Only odorless water vapor
  • Real smoking satisfaction
  • Equivalent to $1.50 or less to a pack of tobacco cigarettes